The embryo of an idea

So I thought I would share how this idea came about and it evolved. I had been thinking of article ideas to help me practice for writing my other book and to get some feedback on my style. To get some additional benefit I thought I would target the content at project management which, if published, would allow me to claim it as a continued professional development activity and assist in keeping my PMI qualification (more information can be found here

So while on a caravan holiday in a lovely South Wales site in Wiseman's Bridge I started putting down my ideas using a mindmap, and thought I would have the makings of a reasonable article. The thing was as I sat there with a bunch of coloured pencils and a pad the ideas start to run and the gallop and in front of me was more than enough material for an article and then I thouught could this be a book.

Since then I had not done anything much with it or my other books until I read Peter Taylors book thelazyprojetcmanager and realised that I could write this book, get it published and people would buy it. Thanks Peter for the inspiration.

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