Been a bit 'busy'

So as you will see I have not posted anything for a while I have been 'busy' and not on any of my book projects.

What does busy mean, well we all seem to be busy and wear it a bit like a badge, but as I heard on a podcast called IM Talk if you are too busy to meet any commitments you have made that means you have weighed up priorities and given something else higher priority.

We make priority decisions big and small every day. "Shall I check Facebook or chat to my partner", "watch a soap or do exercise"......

Write my book or put extra effort into the job. 

I apologise to anyone eagerly waiting for the book, it will come, honest. In the mean time I will finish off the one I started in Jan and publish before the end of the year. You will be happy to hear this one will be a free ebook.

Got to go now, bit busy.



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