This week I have mostly been getting Scrum certified

Brilliant! I passed my Professional Scrum Master 1 exam. Aren't exams brilliant? Eh? No?

I am not sure if it is my age or the difficulty of the exams but the last two exams, APMP was the other one, have been the most stressful have had, I was right up to the wire time wise, did not get a chance the review all my bookmarked questions and in the APMP I did not answer all parts of all 10 questions.  Maybe I am a bit more invested in getting the result because I value my time more than I did when I was younger.

Anyway here are the tools I used
  • Two day training course for QA Training, really good grounding in the Scrum principles and as it was a instructor lead course the real life experience from the other attendees allowed you to put the framework in context. Here's a link to their course
  • Audio version of the Scrum guide, with an hours drive for me it is idea prep. Here's a link
  • Practice assessments - I took them till I got near a 100% as recommended by a colleague and printed out my results to refer to if needed here's the link
  • A couple of Mind maps people have constructed here's the link to one
  • The html version of the scrum guide, saved locally
And here are a few tips
  • You have to have registered on first so don't all revved up and sat at you PC ready to take the exam - register in advance
  • Have all of the above tools open to you, I have 4 computers involved 
    • one taking the exam
    • one with previous assessments results
    • one with the scrum guide on
    • one with the mind map on
  • Only have one of your PCs connected to interweb
  • Reboot your PC that you are going to take the course on - mine did an update which could have kicked in part way through the exam
  • Switch off phone so it is not consuming bandwidth
  • Ask others in house to leave Facebook and Netflix alone too
  • Use the bookmark feature it will help you check back
  • Bookmark any your are not quite sure, you might kcik youself if you can't find it
  • Be prepared to have book marked more than you thought
  • Because you booked marked so many, assume you will not get to go through all your book marked ones
  • Have glass of water to hand, oh and a wee before you start
I am no exam expert, so trawl the internet for advice and good luck to anyone taking the exam.



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