As the Black Friday weekend draws to a close I realise I should have done this last week. 

I have no black Friday deal to offer, just the same one as before When I Were Project Manager is still free and when I finally finish the Sketches you can sign up for early access.

So why bother posting all?  As part of a desire create some additional funds for the little venture I signed up to the Amazon affiliate program, but have not maximised the potential, basically I refer people to Amazon and if they buy I get a little bit of cash.

I have placed a handy search page on this site now that can be easily accessed from the menu button above.

I would be very grateful if you used it for any of the final Black Friday buys you may make today or any leading up to Christmas. You may be wand to save it as you go to Amazon search page and provided continued support.

As I said perhaps I should have done this on Thursday, but my time machine is not functioning well.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers.

All the best


Nigel Creaser
The Sunday Lunch PM

P.S. When I were a Project Manager (not Black Friday deal)is still free, check out this post to find your preferred consumption method.

P.P.S. You can sign up to one of the first (another Not Black Friday deal) to read my next book, Project Management : The Sketches here.


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