Similarities and differences

Having wrapped up podcast number three for the year it occurs to me that I did not realise how much fun it was going to be. 

With only three down there has been such a great variety of experiences and styles of these three individuals.

I also noted though that he was a big chunk of commonality between them all, each arriving in the project management game through unplanned routes.

I've also now got two more interviewees almost certainly lined up, just putting dates in the diaries but will be looking for more so If you would like to lift the lid on your project management story or know of someone whose story would be interesting, then get in touch at

The next interview will be out at the end of the month and as a teaser, he is sometimes known as "The Risk Guy".  Make sure you subscribe at the usual places you get your podcasts or pop along to

Until next time remember project management is funny.



By the way I used to generate this as a transcript from my voice.  Great app and free for the first 600 minutes of transcription.


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