Saturday Brunch with Paul J Bedford, the Cyber Security Guy


Today's Saturday Brunch interview features Paul J. Bedford, The Cyber Security Guy.   

Paul spends his days protecting global corporation's customer data, finances & assets from cyber-attacks and in this interview, he gives us project managers some pointers on what we should be thinking about in the security arena.

Paul is a Lead Cyber Security Business Analyst with more than 20 years frontline experience delivering critical technical systems in different industry sectors including government, retail banking, commercial banking, publishing, oil, utility and insurance companies.  An individual with exceptional leadership and keen business partner skills.  Manages and influences with accountability, detail and accuracy.  Results-driven, focused on processes, profitability, efficiencies, service and customer satisfaction.  Able to make tough decisions under high pressure.  A Friendly, approachable person who can communicate complex ideas in a simplistic, easy to understand manner to all levels.  Originally from a Development and Training background, managed teams of developers and many projects through the full project life cycle which led naturally into Cyber Security Business Analysis.



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Hope you enjoy the show and until next time remember project management is funny. 



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