Saturday Brunch being responsible with Dr Karen Thompson

In today's Saturday Brunch interview I am being a Responsible Project Manager with Dr Karen Thompson.

Karen is an experienced practitioner turned innovative academic.  She is passionate about transforming Project Management practice and education through research that explores the creative, ethical and human dimensions of projects.  

At Bournemouth University she leads the MSc Organisational Project Management and undergraduate units in project management.  In 2017 Karen won the Herbert Walton Award from APM for the relevance to practice of her research on social media in project management, and in 2019 received the Teaching Excellence Award from PMI UK.   

Her current research interests include the application of Responsible Project Management in contexts such as refugee camps and the development of local action to achieve ‘Net Zero’ targets for greenhouse gas emissions. 



Hope you enjoy the show and until next time remember project management is funny, oh and responsible. 





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