A Major Saturday Brunch with Jonathan Norman (Part 1)


In this episode of the Saturday Brunch I am speaking with Jonathan Norman.

Following a 30 year career in business publishing, Jonathan Norman now works as knowledge manager for the Major Projects Association. 

The techniques and tools he uses to curate and collate content for the knowledge repository; design and facilitate virtual activities and knowledge sharing events; and to model and socialise collaborative and co-creative behaviour are a 21st Century expression of what he used to do in printed books. 

He emphasizes the importance of personal knowledge networks and social learning as part of the capabilities associated with managing in uncertain and changing times.

Web: https://www.majorprojectsknowledgehub.net/ 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonathansnorman/

Hope you enjoy the show and until next time remember project management is funny. 





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