meets Professor Eddie Obeng, The Human Energy Drink (Part 2)


This episode we have part two of my interview with Professor Eddie Obeng, The Human Energy Drink.

Eddie is described by the Financial Times as a 'leading revolutionary' and 'agent provocateur', Eddie is a professor at the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Henley Business School, founder and Learning Director of Pentacle The Virtual Business School, and a leading business theorist, innovator and educator. 
“The Rock Star of Business Education" Duke Corporate 
Education He is the author of ten books including two Financial Times bestsellers and the ever popular All Change!
Known as a pioneer in digital transformation, design thinking and organisational agility, he provides a no-nonsense overview about how traditional rules of doing business no longer apply while offering extensive guidance to reach new heights in fast-changing business environments. He is a regular speaker at TED, Thinking Digital, Poptech, Google Zeitgeist, USI, Communitech and Gartner Conferences.
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