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Thank you to all our sponsors and affiliates, please check out the links below for their great products

I am proud to be an affiliate of AirManual, here's a little about them, click on the image above to arrange a quick demo or grab a free trial.

Move faster with clear processes and role onboarding

Share your processes, training and role onboarding in a format that actually works. With AirManual, you'll help your team to move faster, make fewer mistakes, and free up hundreds of hours of leadership time.

Document processes in a format you can manage

You’ve tried documenting your processes and best practices before, right?

Most teams have, but it never works as well as expected. Documents are easy to ignore, and it’s no fun to maintain content that isn’t being used. 🤦

There are 8 reasons why most documentation is doomed to fail. At AirManual, we address these with guided checklists that are quick to create, easy to manage, and painless to maintain.

If all this interests you then pop along to: airmanual.link/SLP23A or to find out more have a listen to my podcast interview with the AirManual founder and CEO Alexis Kingsbury.

The amazing team at TORQ Fitness produce some fabulous nutrition products, that tase amazing, my personal favourite is the Torq Gel Apple Crumble, which I was sceptical about at first, but then I tasted it, there was sweetness, apple, all good and then I tasted crumble!  Fantastic, I later paired it with the Vanilla Energy Drink, again I was sceptical but it was great! I then realised I was fueling myself with something that just tasted like Apple Crumble and Custard (or Creme Anglais for you posh people.)

The equally amazing team of Scimitar produce sustainable running and cycling gear from recycled plastic bottles.  They have given me some great gear, for free !! and given me the change to offer you 20% discount across their store (except for special deals) just use the code NIGELC20.

These are just awesome! when I first saw these I thought, I have got to have these and realised they had an affiliate programme I was on it like a bonnet.  

Get yours here, you know you want to. https://brickcaps.avln.me/c/hqJextYbOgYC

I love the work these guys are doing, from their recycled inner tube wallets to their repurposed postal bikes, that would have been enough to get my interest, and then I find out about their work in Malawi, giving one bike for each sold in this country.  Read their story and take a look at the products, they are great.   https://www.cycleofgood.com/ref/162/

Black Chili have been enabling excellence of execution for some of the world’s leading organisations since 1998. Elegant design, deceptive simplicity, the inherent complexities of distributed technologies hidden under the hood where they belong. Never over-engineered, we are specialists in providing value. We’re not cheap, but that’s because we’re good. Because we’re good we’re in demand. We pride ourselves on doing a great job, right first time, every time.
Multi-award winning technology group – 2017 Leading Technology Consultancy UK, 2016 Technology Development & Consultancy of the Year and ‘Top 50 in Technology’ for 3 years.
We exist to design and deliver quality solutions – whether your organisation needs their website on the first page of Google, you need all your legacy systems ported to the latest and greatest or you need some fantastic content creating, we got you covered.
Unlike many other companies, we don’t do the shiny-suited, buzzword-packed hard sell. We do what we do very well, which is why we operate almost exclusively on recommendation and referral.
We believe in less talking, and more doing. But don’t worry, we’re very friendly about it! Whatever you need, Black Chili can help your organisation – it’s what we do!
For more information check them out here www.blackchili.co.uk


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