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Tamplo turns meetings into action plans!


Tamplo gives structure and meanings to meeting with:

  • a clear agenda with meeting perimeter to stick to the plan
  • shared agenda where invitees can add information and be fully prepared
  • Lead the meetings by going through each item and record them live on Tamplo (also available directly from Microsoft Teams): add comments, decisions, and assign tasks live.
  • Minutes are sent to all invitees (even the absentees) and available for everyone to go back to

The end results is: 

  • Meetings are shorter/ more enjoyable (stick to the agenda, more collaboration)
  • No one leaves a meeting without knowing who is now in charge of what
  • Especially useful for recurrent meetings where each agenda starts with the minutes of the last meeting to review ongoing topics and their progress

Project and task management and follow up

Clear dashboard with an overview of scheduled tasks, alert on late tasks, an overview of team’s progress… 

  • Create your own day plan by adding the tasks you want to work on/check with the team
  • Easy task assignation: add deadline/degree of importance/owner and followers/ clear description /upload documents…
  • Easy project management with dedicated dashboard, list of tasks and people working on the project
  • Collaborative tool: all documents uploaded in one place, stress-free feedback (manager validation status /comments…), assign tasks to individual or teams
With Tamplo you get:

  • No task is left undone (tracking transparency)
  • More efficiency and motivation: change status once completed
  • Clear action plans, more structure, more projects completed on time!

Easy and intuitive, get work done with more peace of mind, more efficiency and more collaboration!

Get your 1 month free trial here tinyurl.com/NigelCreaserTamplo

Black Chili have been enabling excellence of execution for some of the world’s leading organisations since 1998. Elegant design, deceptive simplicity, the inherent complexities of distributed technologies hidden under the hood where they belong. Never over-engineered, we are specialists in providing value. We’re not cheap, but that’s because we’re good. Because we’re good we’re in demand. We pride ourselves on doing a great job, right first time, every time.
Multi-award winning technology group – 2017 Leading Technology Consultancy UK, 2016 Technology Development & Consultancy of the Year and ‘Top 50 in Technology’ for 3 years.
We exist to design and deliver quality solutions – whether your organisation needs their website on the first page of Google, you need all your legacy systems ported to the latest and greatest or you need some fantastic content creating, we got you covered.
Unlike many other companies, we don’t do the shiny-suited, buzzword-packed hard sell. We do what we do very well, which is why we operate almost exclusively on recommendation and referral.
We believe in less talking, and more doing. But don’t worry, we’re very friendly about it! Whatever you need, Black Chili can help your organisation – it’s what we do!
For more information check them out here www.blackchili.co.uk


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