How to motivate oneself

Now I have not done a lot so far, but ideas continue to flow and my notes are increasing. I have found that alternative ideas spring to mind and have gone back to a couple of my other book ideas and done some work on those. So I am thinking that the only I can get myself going is to set my self some task related goals and rewards. So number 1 is that I will write in my blog at least once per week, be it about the book or about project management in general.

So this week I thought I would share a couple of sites which you may find of interest if you are interested in project management.

Firstly an author in the UK who launched his book last year and has been getting good reviews and seems to be on every PM related podcast around the world. Peter Taylor has published the book the Lazy Project Manager which takes a slightly different approach to thinking about the priorities of managing projects you can find out more at

Secondly the podcast where I first found out about Peter, The Project Management Podcast hosted by Cornelius Fichtner. This is a rich source of PM related content delivered in a positive manner but with a great sense of humor, when you check it out be sure to listen to Ten Things you can Learn about Project Management from Britney Spears and Special: PMPOD.DE Episode 4 - Project Blame Management both of which brought a smile to my face.

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