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Christmas Post

Well it comes to that time of the year where every blogger starts to use analogies from Christmas and the New Year to make their point.  Some use it as an illustration of a point, others as a pun, on principle I am not going to do that, just to be controversial. That said I cannot really criticise the story telling nature of communication, that is fundamentally the basis for my book. (Yes it does exist, it is coming, I am working on it. Honest!!!).  So why did I choose this way to get my point across?  1. To keep me interested My natural tendency is to gravitate to the new and interesting things in life and once I get a general view I can loose interest and motivation. 2. To keep the reader interested Some subjects, no matter how interested you are in them, when you get down to the gritty details are not very enthralling, this may result in erratic behaviour like preferring to do the washing up or take our the trash. 3. To tie in some emotion I believe that we all learn thin