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The Sunday Lunch PM meets Colin D Ellis, The Getting Sh*t Done Guy

In this episode, I have a chat with Colin D Ellis, The Getting Sh*t Done Guy. Colin is a 20-year project management and sponsorship veteran, an award-winning international speaker, trainer and author who helps organisations and individuals around the world change the way they get things done and create cultures where great work thrives To listen to the podcast click below For more information about Colin take a look at the following links: Website: Linkedin: Email: Twitter: Thanks to Colin for a fantastic interview, u ntil next time remember project management is funny.  Thanks, Nige Transcript [0:00:00] null:  [0:00:00] The Sunday Lunch PM (Nige): right. So today, I'd like to welcome to the Sunday lunch project. Podcast Colin D Ellis. Uh, Colin is a author, a public speaker, uh, a project manager, Uh, a man with many irons