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The Sketches : First draft completed! Hurrah!

That's a big step forward ticking off that milestone.  Had to make a couple of decisions to bite the bullet and remove some items and keep them for a later date, killing my darlings.  Stopped myself including some last minute bright ideas too, though one or two got through. Now there is just the little task of editing, formatting for the ebook, formatting for the printed edition, cover design for the ebook, cover design for printed, deciding on the pricing, advertising, proofing the copies, wider distribution strategy.............Not much then. In other news I pushed out a survey request about what project management tools are overrated and underrated.  Take a look here an give me your thoughts. All the best, Nigel The Sunday Lunch PM Check out my Amazon  Author Page You can sign up to one of the first to read my next book, Project Management: The Sketches  here . Click here to enable the Alexa Skills -  Scrum Guide Facts  or  The Sunday Project Status U