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Less overhead......same control

Just had a couple of weeks where all there seems to be is funding uncertainty around all projects, against which is a driver to be more robust at following process following a recent audit.  This goes against the Sunday Lunch PM ethos of putting in place enough control to do a good job not just because a process document or delivery methodology say do it, one size does not fit all. (needs a snappy definition I think). Its easier to be risk averse and make sure you have crossed all the t's and dotted all the i's but this leads to increased costs and reduced flexibility which in the current climate is the wrong thing to be doing. So I pose a question how do you manager the time, cost, quality triangle when you have increased restrictions on time and increased focus on quality the only flex becomes time and that with all project is always up against it.  They usually start later than needed for the work to be done, and then you get scope gallop, and suddenly a key busine