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Post Project Blues

This year I have been embarking on a new project which involved a vegetable garden including varying attempts, some successful, some not so.  A couple of weeks ago I looked over my garden and realised a that it was all coming to an end, tomatoes plants wilting, last or the runner beans and no more peas, boo hoo! As I looked at what was a fairly pathetic vision I felt a real pang of sadness and this reminded me that this feeling was similar to that which you get at the end of a project following the weeks, and sometimes months of furore leading up to the big release date or grand opening, the daily prayers, amazingly innovative solutioneering, the cry of "We did not know we needed that!", patiently explaining to your sponsor that more scope means more cost and delay and of course more pizza that you shake a stick at. Then you sit there at your PC at 5pm, your inbox is empty except for a couple of group HR emails, you have the minutes from the post project evaluation report