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That was 2022, this is 2023

Big Fat Review of the Year What an awesome year! Here is a taster of the podcast guests I had this year, thank you so much to all of them.   And thanks to my great sponsors And of course thanks to my amazing listeners. All the Best  Nige The Sunday Lunch PM Raw Transcript Unknown Speaker  0:00   Alright, so today, I'd like to welcome to the Sunday lunch project podcast, Colin D. Ellis. Colin is a author, a public speaker, a project manager, a man with many irons, in many fires experience working in, in places such as the shop direct Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice in New Zealand. And Trinity group finder of a number of organisations, including the getting shit done, club, hopefully that doesn't get me an explicit tag for the podcast at the whiskey trip and is an award winning speaker and culture change specialist at the moment. So, welcome to the podcast colour. Cheers. Thank you. Great to have you on. As I start with all of my interviews, and I think some peop