Email tip 1. Don't read your email........well not all of it.

This coming week I am on leave and want to enrich my blog a bit, email is my target for a few days.
Do you always feel the all you do is read email and attend meetings then try this?
in your email app create a folder under you inbox called copied or CC'd,
setup a rule to move any cc mails to that folder,
only read when you have dealt with your to emails in your main inbox.
Tell your team, tell your boss, tell your peers, tell anyone who might email you. Then if they copy you on an email they know you may not read it for sometime, if at all. If they want your attention or action they should put you in the to box.
Now there are risks for you, someone senior might copy you and you not see it, I add another rule for key senior people to pop up in my face.
Finally when you CC people, if you think they will do the same, how about not copying them at all and save them a few precious minutes.


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