New Year Countdown 266315374264

So what is this number and how cannot help?

Try this one 155274263153. Still not sure?

The first one is the first Monday in each month for 2017, and the second?

Correct! The same for 2018.

So what use is that? Well if you learn this number (or keep a note of it handy) and know the number of days in a month* you can easily work out the dates of any day in any month for that year without needing to refer to a calendar.

So when you are stood in front of your whiteboard, marker in hand, with your team trying to work out those pesky milestone dates, BOOM! you can quickly work it out.

*If you can't remember the song use your knuckles take a look here.

Have a marvellous New Year's Eve and a productive 2017.

The Sunday Lunch PM


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