12 days of christmas

Merry Christmas and all that,

During a conversation with a colleague about my Project Management: The Sketches book (available on Amazon) he mentioned that he had a 12 days of Christmas song that had been pulled together for a previous project, it got me think I will include that in The Sketches. Just before I did I thought I would check that no one else had done, a quick google and low and behold a raft of  project management versions of the 12 days of Christmas, each made me chuckle so I thought I would share them with you,

From Elizabeth Harrin at the Girls Guide to PM:


An Agile take form Terry Bunio on the PM Hut:


From  Andrew Budkiewiczat The Project managers Guide to the Universe:


Finally, my favourite ever version of the 12 days of Christmas from the incredibly funny Jasper Carrot (warning some rude words)

Thanks and may your Christmas Season Project be on time, with quality gifts and on budget.


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