Not a Post About the Book (Honest)

In addition to scribbling away at my books recently, some of you will be aware that I also dabble with Alexa skills. I the last couple of months Amazon have been offering perks to developers (UK information here). 

I have been beavering away trying to getting three completed in the time window and thought I would share them with you.

The first is a repurposing of one of my previous skills Daily Workout Flash Briefing which when enables gives you a short varied workout each day in your flash briefing.

Daily Workout Mixer, takes this one stage further and allows you to ask Alexa to choose a random workout form the selection of workouts available.

The next one is Sympathetic Ear, have you ever just wanted to talk but not be interrupted or not have anything "fixed" by the person you are talking to.  just have them listen, ask Sympathetic Ear to listen and that is exactly what Alexa will do.  Just listen

Finally a seasonal one, everyone seems to be looking for their f%<&!^g elf on the shelf during December. So let Alexa help, Where that Flipping Elf will try to locate him, suggesting where he may be found.

So that's it. That's all I wanted to say... What you want something else?  Well, there is one thing I may not have mentioned.

I have a new book out in digital and paperback available just about anywhere.  Click below to get the buying options.


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