Listed here are a number of websites which I have found useful for my role in project management and some which are just interesting, some are blogs some are podcasts

Manager Tools
Manager tools is a fantastic resource for managers and contributors alike, regular podcasts with amazing pearls of wisdom.

The Project Management Podcast
The PM Podcast gives you interviews with the best in the project management field and if you are a PMP you can get PDU's

The Lazy Project Manager
Peter Taylor is UK PM and author of the The Lazy Project Manager book which focusses on the Art of Productive Laziness. The book makes you ask questions as a PM that you would not always think of and delivered in a enjoyable style. Peter's book is one of the inspirations for me to try an pull together my own book.

Voices on Project Management - PMI's blog offers insights, tips, advice and personal stories from project managers in different regions and industries. The goal is to get you thinking, and spark a discussion.

Paper Cut Edge -  After 22 years in the trenches of a lot of tough projects, Geoff Crane decided to change direction a little bit and focus on sparking ideas in the vibrant field of project management.  If you're a project manager, or even if you're one voice in the project choir, you are in a position to be truly remarkable. Without exaggerating, you have within you the capacity to change the world, just because of who and where you are!

How to Manage a Camel - Lindsay Scott and Dan Strayer are the creative minds behind Arras People's long-running blog, "How to Manage a Camel". Covering project management careers and recruitment articles, news on the project management marketplace, guest blogs from great writers in the project management field and just about anything else project management related. Stuffed to the brim with years of thought-provoking articles, humour, and insightful discussions, "The Camel" is about promoting better group thinking and a way of bringing together lots of conflicting opinions around the subject of project management.

PMI UK Chapter - My local chapter of the PMI good resource for PM's in the UK, with a busy and interesting event calendar.

PM Student - pmStudent was founded in 2006 by Josh Nankivel.  Josh is principal of pmStudent and a coach for new and aspiring project managers.
Josh is a working project manager, and has been managing projects in Computing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Aerospace for over a decade.  Josh’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Project Management and he is PMP certified.  He uses his experience and love of teaching to empower people to get started and get ahead in their project management careers.
Person to person lending "ebay" of lending is the best description I can think of and I think it is a better way to borrow and lend. (full disclosure, I get a kick back from this link as an affiliate but would recommend even if I did not.)

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