Sporting Adventures

My Sporting Adventures


Leading up to the 2012 London Olympics I was really pessimistic about it being a worthy way to spend taxpayers money, after previous extravaganzas I thought out would be an embarrassment. I did not even get a twinge of fever until the torch came through our village and later that day passed the office where I work.

Even I felt a pinch of excitement, stood watching with an excited bunch outside the office with traffic stopped.

I still was not convinced, then I thought I would watch the opening ceremony just to see how it went.  Within 10 seconds of the countdown started I paused the telly and shouted Jodie, somehow I knew this was going to be something special. 

By the end of the ceremony I was hooked, the two weeks coincided with my annual leave and when we were not on the beach I was watching the games.  

The pivotal event was Gemma Gibbons winner her semi-final fight guaranteeing her a silver. I had toyed with trying judo again having done it as a kid but just not got round to it, despite the regular reminders of "When are you coming back on the mat Nige?" Each time I bumped into my good friend and judo legend Geoffrey Moore.

Watching Gemma made me ping a message to one of my old coaches Roger Houston and in September I found myself 45 mins into my first judo session for twenty odd years kneeling on the side head on a chair trying not to be sick.  I loved was absolutely 100% hooked again.

I say again because whilst not a sporty kid I had done judo through my teens.  I got to green belt (there are 9 grades before the 10 "black" belt grades.)  The beer and girls got in the way.  

After a 25 year gap, I rediscovered a passion that was almost forgotten. In the following year, I attained my 1st Kyu and passed my Dan grade theory and began to accumulate points.  Finally attaining enough points for my Dan grade in November 2015 at the British Judo Centre of Excellence in Walsall.


After restarting judo, I was toying with the idea of doing some additional conditioning work, but never got my arse into gear.  That was until 2013, when Jodie my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, we had and 18 month old and a 6 year old, to say the news was shocking would be the understatement of the year.  


I am very fortunate to have picked up some brilliant sponsors in the last few years

The amazing team at TORQ Fitness produce some fabulous nutrition products, that tase amazing, my personal favourite is the Torq Gel Apple Crumble, which I was sceptical about at first, but then I tasted it, there was sweetness, apple, all good and then I tasted crumble!  Fantastic, I later paired it with the Vanilla Energy Drink, again I was sceptical but it was great! I then realised I was fueling myself with something that just tasted like Apple Crumble and Custard (or Creme Anglais for you posh people.)


The equally amazing team of Scimitar produce sustainable running and cycling gear from recycled plastic bottles.  They have given me some great gear, for free !! and given me the change to offer you 20% discount across their store (except for special deals) just use the code NIGELC20.

These are just awesome! when I first saw these I thought, I have got to have these and realised they had an affiliate programme I was on it like a bonnet.  

Get yours here, you know you want to.

I love the work these guys are doing, from their recycled inner tube wallets to their repurposed postal bikes, that would have been enough to get my interest, and then I find out about their work in Malawi, giving one bike for each sold in this country.  Read their story and take a look at the products, they are great.


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