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The Sunday Lunch Project Manager Meets The Project Motivator - Ruth Pearce

In this months podcast interview, I chat with Ruth Pearce I hope you enjoy the interview. Thanks Nige This transcript was generated by Nigel Creaser So today I've got Ruth Pearce. I'm going to give you a little bio about Ruth. For over 20 years. She's taken on large scale projects in financial services software houses, state government, education, and nonprofit organisations. And in 2011, Ruth and the team team with the winners of the PMI distinguished project award, she had found a niche at that time. She also launched a book called Project motivator recently called unlock the secrets of strengths based project management. And one of the comments from Ken Blanchard on the book was Ruth knows project management from the inside out, she knows the best project managers use their influence to engage their teams. And with that engagement comes motivation and commitment to the projects and to each other. Read, read be a project moti

Happy New Year

Partway through the year I set my self the goal of delivering my next book by the end of 2017, the really observant of you will have spotted that I did not meet this goal.  This was a result of a number of things (excuses), including being diverted by new technology including podcasting with and creating Alexa Skills, but also not being entirely happy with what I have produced for the book so far. As with all projects when a milestone is missed we have to replan and I now have reset this goal to be by the end of June with a stretch target of the end of March.   I can only apologise to those of you who have cleared their diary to make sure you had time to read the new book. Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year.  May all your milestones be on time,  May all your RAG statuses be green  and May none of your risks become issues. All the best Nigel Creaser The Sunday Lunch PM Check out my Amazon  Author Page When I Were a Project Manager is s